Opens at 1300.

Jonathan Segel, San Francisco, USA. The gutarist from Camper van Beethoven, Öresund’s Space Collective and Astral Magic plays live ambient space guitar.

I’m sorry but niether drinks nor snacks.

Larry Farber origines from Detroit. He come to Varberg, Sweden, studied swedish, read Stig Claesson’s ”Vem älskar Yngve Frej” and decided to stay in Sweden. He became a librarian and, in Varberg, started his shop ”Larry’s Corner”.

In his very special and unic shop he sells stuff he likes. Besides he has an inner room, just enough to use for music ”live” conserts and art ehhibition very oftwn in style of origine ”Surrealistic POP”, ”Low Brow” and ”New Brow Art”.

With connections  back in art history like DADA, Surrealism, POP Art and Outsider Art, like the collection of Jean Dubuffet, in his museum in Lausanne, Schwizerland.

The continuing ”Theme of my exhibition” one can say is ”Folk” as in ”Folk Music” and ”Folk lore”.

Public? Popular? ”Völkische”? Social Realism? What ordinary people means is understandabel? No need to define or explain? The opposite and anti-thesis to the Nobles and etablishment? Populism? Or is what is today consumerism and commersial? What everybody expects to be normal, natural, acceptable and ordinary? Neither imaginations, fantasy, unreal, nor a threat against ones own psycho-social, limited ”inside the box”, nor private, personal, integrity bubble?

What stands the word and the concept”Folk” for today?

The more individualistic one becomes. the more isolated, alienated, ”free”, but, at the same time, unsafe, lonely and without any experience of meaning, there remains.

Read Bachtin.

Art, music, theatre, dance, mode etc are different way to connect and be a part of something without any limits.

Why do i paint? Because it feels so good!