Does It Still POP?
Psychedelic New Brow Art.

Paintings by Victor Rangner

Larry’s Corner 18 Mars 2023. Time 1300

Other days open at 1400.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Vernissage day: Jonathan Segel plays the Space Electric Guitar.

Culture, Art and Music is like Money. U have to Beleive in It to Face It’s Value.

What is Culture?

One answer. It is a way to stay together, to be together and to have something together.

What is to FEEL?

The pattern of the FEELING.

Is a FEELING the same as a thought?

Do You think the feeling, or feeling the thought.

Your conscient thinking is trying to interpret your feeling.

How to feel without thinking?

When listening to music, do you think the music, or do you feel the music and then think something about it?


Longing for the Reality Show ”Don’t Look Up. 2.”:

i hope that, as soon as possible, Elon Musk will leave this planet together with Putin, Trump and the rest of their Pack, to destination Mars!