Does It Still POP?
Psychedelic New Brow Art.

Paintings by Victor Rangner

Larry’s Corner 18 Mars 2023. Time 1300

Other days open at 1400.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Vernissage day: Jonathan Segel plays the Space Electric Guitar.

Support Your Parlament Trickster. He will need You.

Don’t buy from this man neither a car, nor his donkey, nor his wife,

Learn from Liz!

Please, send the Minister of Education to a, for Her, well-paid, consultation with Liz!

When Swedish Minister of Education Mats Persson is an ”Elementary Particle”, Liz knows the Reality Show Everyday Life out at the Street and on the Road.

Will Swedish Minister of Education become member of the Wokism Elite of Putin, Trump and Erdogan?

What a Stolpskott!

What a Pole Shot!

There is a Conspiration inside of Sweden. Listen to this Rebekka Fallenkvist:

Rebekka Fallenkvist could have the same contact with Liz, in the same Course as Mats Persson.

Torturing other people just because one pareidoils they have the wrong opinion is not OK.