Does It Still POP?
Psychedelic New Brow Art.

Paintings by Victor Rangner

Larry’s Corner 18 Mars 2023. Time 1300

Other days open at 1400.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Vernissage day: Jonathan Segel plays the Space Electric Guitar.

For the Etablishment of Law and Order: it is Easier to Demagogisize about Young Criminal Elements and the War against Drogs (Iraq-Contras Business as usual) than to Listen Very Carefully and With an Wide Open Mind to Greta, Liz and Åsa Wigforss.

The Climate Change, the Threat from Tzar Bomba and the Alienation because of the Never Ending Goebbles Fragmentated Reality Show about School-shoting Incel Elements in Revolt without a Couse.

The more U Speak Out Loud, the Less is More U Listen Very Carefully, to Explain what U Kant Understand, to Greta and Liz.