In the Beginning, there was a Sound, but Nobody was there to Be Seen.

Narcissus found Himself in the Cloakroom, downstairs, Uptown.

Narcissus, Introvert Smiled Inside Outside into the Looking Glass.

Steganographic Pareidolia is the New Style of Unconscient Pataphysics.

Look Twice but Nobody is There.

One Word More and U will Rest Here And Now for the Rest of Ethernity.

Life is Short but Art is Long.

How to Know if there is a Tomorrow?

Never Know Enough.

Maybe EVIL is the same as Anger or Angst?

All Tomorrow Party Girls in Heaven.

Maybe Like A Rolling Stone is about Bob Dylan, Edie Sedgwick, and Andy Warhol?

Why did Andy Warhol carry a tape recorder, ON?

It’s easier to paint acrylic paintings, but watercolors are more pareidoliac.

Is it a better choice to work in a concentration camp, than to live on the dole?