Every Real Man wants to Explain How It Is.

Me Too!

This is How It Is!

Depersonalization and Derealisation and Depression.

It Smells Like a Teen Spirit.

POP is Abstract, like a KitKat in a Hello Kitty.

The New Neo Luddists is Searching for the Old Time Religion.

The find their Qualities in Combines of Harry Potter with

Melody Marks.

In the Beginning, there was Change. And the Change was Good.

And The POP of Change was Objective like a Digital Camera. Uncensured.

The POP of Change was Good In Itself.

Pussy POP means Euforia Pleasure Reality Show in Home Made Homestead Ethno Glocal Village Völkishe Pic-Nics.

Replace Pataphysics with Pareidolia. It has almost the same Effect.

Replace Surreal with Alienated Unreal Depersonalization. A Non-Drug Experience.

The Life and World and Reality is Fantastic, but I am Blindfolded like Justicia.

Is this Object a milf or a dilf?