Does It Still POP?
Psychedelic New Brow Art.

Paintings by Victor Rangner

Larry’s Corner 18 Mars 2023. Time 1300

Other days open at 1400.

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Vernissage day: Jonathan Segel plays the Space Electric Guitar.

Today, everything is abstract.

Alienation. Artificial Intelligence. Communication. Synthetic Stimulation.

Everything is POP Culture.

Populism in Popular Culture.

How to Learn how to Know Yourself, when the Only Prove that U Really Exist is that U, if U find IT necessary, can Think.


Imagine is a Conscient Act of Will. Will Self.

The Word in Itself is an Alienated Abstraction.

Support Your Local Trickster. The True Trickster is an Unpaid Idealist, without a Cause.

If U r Not Sure, Ask a Strong Narcissistic Omnipotent Psychopathic Leader of the Universal Homestead Village.

Before U Look Up, Watch Ur Back from The Sunny, Wild and Hot Side of the Street.

Why So Serious?

Everything is about the Now Existing Reality Show.

Pareidolia = Imagination + Experience – Hard Edge Facts.

I Cannot Give U my Word, but I can Sell It to U.

I Cannot Give U my World, but I can Pareidolia It to U.

Imagine It Is Only Words. John Lennon.

Seriously, I have Not a Single Word for It.

Every Object has An End of the Perpetual Storyline in It Self.

U don’t have to FEEL Anything at All, but is that a Kind of Life U want to Live?

Probably, Tomorrow is The Everyday Monday…