The Global Open Network of Happy Shponglers is Welcome to Victor Rangner’s version of Victor ou Quand les Enfants ont Pris le Pouvoir, at Larry’s Corner:

Does It Still POP?

Exhibition starts at 1300 the 18th of Mars 2023, with live loop electric guitar and violin legendary famous and fantastic player, earlier from Camper van Beethoven and now in Öresund Space Collective, Jonathan Segel, sent without hesitation direct from San Francisco to Jan Pers Holme, to join Us in this Trandenscendic Ethno Shaman Digital Nomad Live Event ”Straight Connection from Göbekli Tepe to Constantinopel”!!!


Post Dramatic Psychedelic POP Surrealism in Old Fashioned Retro Futuristic Cabaret Voltaire Style Overwhelming Transparent Zen Koan Doggy Cynic Neo Barocque Apofenic Pareidolian Tesserassic Solitarian High Alienatic Newbrow Imaginations with Involuntary Unconscient Dissociations from Pessoa, Schweik, Godot, Ubu, Woyzeck, Kafka and Myrna G Loy.

One is a Solitary Journey from Without to Within and Up the Hill Backwards to the Sharpest Edge of the White Rabbit’s Whole Hole.