Where is the conflict now? Like in Chess. SD provoke Turkey with Peludan with the result That Turkey refuse to give Sweden the permission to Be a member of NATO.

Is that what SD wants?

Earlier has SD showed a positive interest in support from Russia.

Russia doesn’t want to see Sweden in NATO.

Turkey doesn’t want to accept Sweden as a member of NATO.

SD is against a swedish membership in NATO.

Paludan is burning the Koran. But why?

To keep Sweden out of NATO?

To provoke Turkey to keep Sweden outside of NATO?

Is Islam, even today, a stronger threat to swedish democracy, than Russia?

Is Islam a threat to Russia?

Does Russia give support to Turkey?

Where is the Patriarchic Matrix?

The real threat is in the acceptance of the concequences of the climate change.

Every Patriarch knows that with this acceptance by heart, it will be the end of their future as leaders.

What will happen?

NATO will accept Sweden.

But what is the relationship in between Russia and Turkey?


Is the war against the criminal gangs in Sweden a strategy in this game?