Sometimes one can come up with the same idea independently of the other.

Time tests criticize, correct, and improve.

About the landowner who gave us permission to tread the land.

Canada is located in the north.

The road ahead of us.

Our land lies between these trees and the river.

The book is on the table; the snow is on the roof; he is lying in his coffin.

His parents had been deceivers and his whole childhood had been a lie.

A man is out walking on a hot day.

The last time he saw it, the sky was clear; but at present, he notes, the air is cooler.

He looks up and sees a blue cloud between him and the sun.

He hurries to his steps.

In such a situation, what can be called thought?

The dust has been undisturbed for years.

He was lying sick in bed. Dirty dishes lay on the table.

To be in a horizontal position on a load-bearing surface.

To bid their time but remain ready for action.

His flashy car does not fool anyone.

All habits are governed by a code. Available, to exist.

Long Island Expressway, I-495.

To lie desolate; in fallow; open; hidden; mourn their dissatisfaction; lie at the mercy of the waves.

To stay at a distance from land, more or less stationary with the bow against the wind.

The lake is beyond this hill.

To spend the night or for a short while; cottage.

A forty-year-old says they are twenty-five.

When Pinocchio is lying, his nose grows.

Hips do not lie.

Having sexual intercourse (with)

After her approach shot, she is third on the ninth hole.

The love that lies in her eyes.

To occupy a position or place.

The position of a golf ball that has stopped.

The position of the fetus in the womb.

To be in labor.

To be still or silent, like one lying down to rest.

To keep himself or his plans hidden.

Everything is meant to give a wrong impression.
Pictures often lie.

He was lying under a tree to sleep.

A period of break or rest can help.

A difference that makes a difference.

Some admit that there is nothing outside.

The whole creation is like a stain on a garment. . .

In fact, two.

Meaning in some other sense than that.

The other is private, transient of what is pleasant.