WW2 Rumours in the Air of Corona-conspiration Theories of Mind.

Free Your Mind and the Ass will Follow.

Empty Your Mind.

Refill Your Mind with Empty Space.

Fill Your Head with Subcultures.

Wash Your Brain with Yerba Mate.

”Be Water, My Friend” (B.L)

Recall Your Nightdreams.

We are the Spirits of the Night.

We don’t Need Another Hero.

Wash Your Mind with Emptiness.

Free Your Emptiness from Bad Rumours.

Think before You Believe.

Forward is Tomorrow.

Stop Makin’ Sense.

Stop Make Anything Else.

Make It til You Fake It.

An Honest Fake is A Better Choice.

To Be Different is Out of Sight.

Sight of Light is Out of Sight.

Light Right is Heavy Night.

Right Away from Heavy Light.

Fight Against Another Light.

Bring to Us a Sound of Sight.

A Tribute to Mister Kite.