(Translated with Google app, with corrections by me:)
My science fiction story (also called ”speculative fiction”):
About the Frånlandsvind family , SpåRätt and the Fight between Neoluddists and Neoidealists.
So far, the whole story consists of ten novels. The first novel, right now with the work name: ”Refuge and Tranquility” stretches from around the 1950s and until 2013. The family is out on a week’s vacation on the island of Tallholmen in the Roslagens archipelago. The week contains a play or a game that will be of crucial importance to the forthcoming books.
With a aggregated capital, Frånlandsvind buys an old mansion with iron works from the 17th century in Uppland, on the Mälaren beach, not far from Enköping. Outside of Mälaren.
In the mansion, the family meets information about the Enlightenment, the Walloon and the Swedish Iron Management.
In Sweden and other parts of Europe and the world, groups of ”Neoluddists” arise. They have an ideology of time from ”The Good Old Days” and want to return that time, with ideals of Nostalgia, Retro and Vintage. Their goal is for the Society to return to the time before industrialism.
When the Neoluddists take more and bigger place in society and increase their influence, a counter reaction arises: ”Neoidealists.”
The Neoidealists consist of future believers who sees the machines and the new technology as more of a tool to realize a possible future.
Climate change continues to affect the world and the daily lives of people.
Floods, tsunami waves, sudden heat and long periods of drought also increase refugee flows around the world.
Frånlandvind, at their mansion outside Enköping, let to build a large library. They realize that the only possibility for future people is to take the final step into space.
Until then, space belongs to the military and the companies that cooperate with the military.
The evolution of travel into space is slow.
That’s why Fralandsvind agrees, now with their company SpåRätt; To build a civilian space project, aiming for the people, neoidealists, to escape out from Tellus and emigrate into space. Their mirage and vision are of course to find another viable planet.
But how solve the problem of limitation of physical light?
How to get in touch with living creatures on another planet?
The struggles between neoluddists and neoidealists are becoming increasingly intense. Neoidealists build walls and fences. They set up customs and provide their own people with passport, visa, identity card and password.
Since the Neoluddists want to return to how they lived before the entrance of Industrialism, they increase in amount om people lives as it used to be, their population continues to grow.and continue and are staying in the tradition of primitive machines. Of course, there are different fractions. Some of them even use electricity and cars with an explosion engine.
Neoidealists are further developed into the future using aviation vehicles and huge transport containers.
Almost all the animals and plants are extinct. They produce synthetic food and nutrition of the remaining stuff. The future means more and more of artificial and synthetic products. Most of it is produced with 3D printers and cultured meat.
SpåRätt builds its first space statio where they arrange an entertainment show with people, robots, androids, andrants and andhrybs.
Human beings are a big cost for the Society. They become more and more expensive, SpaRatt gradually replaces them with synthetic mixes of humans, robots, androids and brand new creatures. Those who, in the long run, will be the new specie, after Homo sapiens sapiens.
Neoluddists remain on Tellus and eventually die out. Those who do not die in war are affected by the effects of climate change, mutating viruses or resistant bacteria.
The Neoidealists in space believe in a contact with the beings on another planet: The Ellekians at the planet of Ellek. SpåRätt are building space stations and space ships as synthetic and artificial communities, which travel away from Tellus and beyond into the unknown.
In space societies, people live their lives, but when someone dies, it is replaced by an andhryb.
Tellus, the Sun and the Solar System are disappearing behind the dark matter.
There is no way to get through the obstacle at the speed of light. The Frånlandvind family had found the solution to come into contact with other creatures, from the manor house outside Enköping … and so on …
Book 1 to 10 consists of a total of 4 500 pages.
I have started editing Book 1 and have, in about 5 months, come to page 24. So I have to do!
Of course, I will use new inventions, discoveries and events, to make the story more credible and, hopefully, more entertaining.
So, so far, a ”plot”, a work plan, a hypothesis and speculation.
Neoluddism is rooted in the ”Luddites” or ”Luddism” of the 19th century Europe. A desperate and hopeless fight against Technology, based on the fact that the new inventions took the livelihood of the men who have to feed, support and protect their families. They saw the only way to destroy, break the machines.
I think there is a difference between ”The Luddites” and ”The Neoluddists. The former is a spontaneus and desperate movement, without a leader or an disciplined organisation. The latter is an ideology, with several leaders, organisations and their members and supporters: ”The Neoluddists”.
”Neoidealismen” goes back to my own beliefs about the archaeological find. Göbekli Tepe, in present Turkey.
Idealism has its roots in the scriptures of Platon, Immanuel Kant, Enlightenment Movement, Isaac Newton, Mary Shelley, Christopher Polhem, Charles Darwin and Ludwig Wittgenstein.
I have received inspiration from Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Eugen Semitjov and Andy Warhol (The New York Renaisssance, described by Victor Bockris).
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Walter / Wendy Carlos, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and DJ Da Candy.
Finally, my ”subterfuge” and to avoid misunderstandings:
This story I have created on the basis of a possible (speculative) idea and shape of the future.
I have no idea that this is ”the only correct interpretation of the future”. There is no guide or prophecy, except that it could illustrate one of several possible flow charts.
I believe that people of today simplier will see, experience, imagine and eventually consider their own future and the future of our world, if they have something to compare with.
My purpose has been to, in part, imagine a civil version of ”Exodus”, emigration into space. Secondly, unlike all those who use the present as a picture of the future, or where humanity ends up in a dystopian hell:
”Look Forward!”, Instead of backwards.”
My sensmoral is:
”Rather, prevent prophylactic than to cure the symptoms and expect the worst possible scenario of Tellus and Homo sapiens sapiens.”
”Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” Oscar Wilde
So I hope many will respond, criticize and give their own interpretation of a possible future. It is in that way that we can get people together.
Victor Rangner Hässelby, August 7, 2017.