Neither Marxists like Göran Therborn, who still have many interesting thoughts and opinions, can free themselves from the Anthropocentrism.

Still, he is living in the Left-Right Scale, although he should be well aware of the climate change, weather changes, poisoning of, for human and other species, sea, soil and food.

Göran Therborn sees the world as ”unequal”, but the climate change makes no differens if you are rich or poor.

He has interesting views about the cities, towns or the planning of the urban areas in the future. Today, Wednesday, July 26, 2017, you can read in the newspapers about ”The Garbage Explosion” in the inner city of Stockholm, When the Stockholmers come home from their holidays and discover that there is no one who cared about the garbages and trashes.

The cars and the public transports are already now urban ”bottlenecks”. Public transports are constantly suffering from new delays and ”shift failures”, while politicians raise prices for travelers and discuss how to act against ”disloyal travellers”.

Bilism takes over both streets and squares.

Somewhere in the past, the car was a ”higher degree of effectivity”. Although the motorists can travel at high speed on modern streets, often they prefer to take shortcuts on sidewalks, walkways and squares.

Where did the planning vanish? How will people in the future find a way, when the streets and roads are blocked by other drivers and road users?

The only choice and alternative seems to build more and broader highways and traffic routes.

Nevertheless, in the inner city of Stockholm, the houses stand in the way of widening the roads and releasing the increasingly heavier and intensive traffic.

Outside the suburbs, the construction firms, with the assistance from municipality, are building more and more expensive houses, without any pespective into the future.

The cities, when they were built and formed, were primarily trading markets. Those who organized the city were craftsmen and those who eventually became merchants and carriers of goods and services.

Now, like then, customers and consumers are more important than administrators.

If no citizen is able to live; to work and shop, in or outside of a city like Stockholm, how will the companies get their function? Who will then buy their goods and services?

In our ”Brave New World” of Anthropocentrism (ME, ME and ME) and Anthropocene (When the species Homo sapiens sapiens took over the order of nature and ecological systems), there is neither the end nor possible ends. Everything just goes on and on and on…

In our time, there is neither a sustainable culture, tradition, nor repeatable habits. The phone is replaced with the Mobile cell phone which is replaced with the Smart Phone, which is replaced by …

While people, in our era of digitalisation, approach each other, at the same time, the physical distances increase, in Time and Space. Who are you actually talking to: A robot or a human being?

Before industrialism, people became their functions. During industrialism, people and their functions were replaced by machines. In our high-tech era, people are competing with the machines, who och what is most effective, least costly and gives the highest profit.

Everyone knows already the answer:

The machines will win. Losers become the people who gives up their freedom and still believe in the illusion that: Man is the Lord of the World.