The Fox and The Hare:
It may sound like a naive question, but why would 20% voluntarily want to lose their privileges and spontaneously share the other 80%?
Why should the wealthy leadership of the US and Western world care about climate change when, as conservative and reactionary, they only think about themselves and not even their closest relatives?
Those who live in luxury and abundance but who are terrified of becoming ”ordinary people” and citizens:
”The fox runs for food. The Hare is running for life.”
From the fact that the economic elite saw themselves as ”The Fox”, Foxes, are now converting to ”Hares”.
It is only to compare with other dictatorships, when the people and the citizens do not even have the necessity of life. When their children die of malnutrition, water shortages, colds and diseases.
The population believes in messianic solutions, such as cargo cults, destructive sects, day-to-day prophets, and last but not least: populists, rhetoricians and fraudsters.
Those who, as soon as they can, conquer leadership and forget the people who brought them to power:
”You can not beat the system!”
Until it, the System, no longer works. Those who lead the system burn their own ships and bridges themselves.
The question at the moment is not what US President Donald Trump will achieve. The essential is what will happen when he’s gone.