Chicken Race into Space.

That’s what all my books are about!

Can we change our behavior?

No. I do not think so.

Not until the climate change has gone so far that the majority of the world’s populations are affected.

When there are more refugees in the world than those who managed to stay where they are.

It’s like a ”Chicken Race”.

The one who brakes first loses.

The world’s enterprises and industries must not only reduce their use of energy and raw material consumption.

They should not only slow down, but even stop. Do they know about it?

Yes! Of course!

Ask The President of the United States!

What happens then with the steady rise, the shares and the banks?

What do we have for options, we who think we (Just Me!) Will survive?

What do we (Just Me!) have to lose? Everything.

What do we (Just Me!) have to win?


Yes, in my books, there is no other solution left than moving into space.

Eventually, if we come so far, find another viable planet.

Otherwise we’ll stay out there in the night black emptiness …

Are You (not me!) Ready for That?