Looking at the development with a little longer perspective, both Trump and Populism are a necessity. Any possibility that climate change does not affect us and our planet today and in the future must be ruled out. No doubt may be left.

Otherwise, there is a risk that people in the future will claim that we who live now did not try everything and did not implement what Karl Popper called for: ”Falsification”.

The scientist or researcher himself must prove that, despite questioning his own theory in different ways; Have come to the conclusion that it is correct.

To completely deny climate change is the best way to test if it is truly a sustainable theory.

So it is also with Populism (including extremists of different kinds), they follow, like Hitler and Stalin, a wishful thinking, which led to both of them wrong.

All the country’s resources were finally used to secure their own power, increase the cost of their own military positions and increasingly shift to arms production and developement of their armies.

This is not just the hard-pressed resources of our own people, but also for the neighboring countries.

It’s always easiest to put the blame on someone else.

With the facit of the hand, we can still note that their visions did not lead to any constructive result.

Hitler never created ”The Millennium Third Reich”. 

Stalin’s ”dictatorship of the working class” did not lead to fair distribution, equality, equality, or” brotherhood ”, even though they called each other for” comrades. ”

It was the biggest obstacle to all other research and manufacturing industries ending in the dark.

Both forces used an exclusion of all the researchers who, in the slightly longer term, had led to success, attention and appreciation from the outside world.

Both Hitler and Stalin left their empires in ruins. It would be the future of people to correct and rebuild.

Any such doubt about a ”easy and simple solution” must be rejected. Those who are best able to carry out such evidence are, of course, the one who has it as a final solution, a dream and a wishful thinking.

”There will always be those who leave the party last, who must be cleaned up.”

When President Donald Trump, President Vladimir Putin, Front Nationals Marine LePen, Theresa May, Islamic State, Sverigedemokraternas Jimmie Åkesson, have tested all their ideas and visions, it is only possible to restore everything to a working order.

These leaders should learn from Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin; That people, citizens, residents, can quickly throw over and ”vända på en femöring”.

On the day that happens, suddenly nobody wants to acknowledge that they have been members of, supported or been solidarity and loyal party supporters. So happened in Nazi Germany and in the Soviet Union and the Warsakakakten


The question is not about, but when this will happen?

What happened after 1945 was that humanity realized that we could destroy ourselves. The next insight came when all the waste, waste products and poisons not only affected nature, animals and plants, but already affected people and our genes.

Politicians predict, but the financial world decides. 

Sweden’s number of cars increased last year by 10 percent. Soon there are cars everywhere. 

They drive everywhere, but the traffic and parking lots are overflowing. 

The driver is more likely to sit in long car queues than choose another means of transportation. So far, no company in the world has invested in aviation cars, or humandelivering drones.

People, like other animals, live according to the principle of: ”Trial and Error”: Try and Fail.

Once we have really tried everything, we will realize that we made a big mistake.

I’m optimistic about that evolution!