Information Age, or "The Information Age".
Within several scientific areas of our time, researchers are searching for the smallest components and how they affect everyone's lives.
Our lives are becoming increasingly artificial: "synthesized".
The food we eat consists of everything from "natural ingredients" to "refined" or even completely artificial. Through the research on what common natural substances consist of, science today has succeeded in producing artificial skin of synthetic material.
Other internal organs are also in the process of constructing. Much of the food we call "vegetarian" consists of "natural ingredients" made with the sole purpose of serving as human nutrition.
The research strives to construct objects so that you will not need to use experimental animals in the future when you want to try out new medicines etc.
For every day that goes, items from our "old world" are replaced by newer and more functional. In the sixties, the phones looked completely different, with "petmojar" as a disc that was pushed in a finger to dial the number.
Already today, Skanska is announcing how the houses will look in 2070. China is working on future visions. If we do not want to be part of the future, then it will hit us or when we no longer "hang out".
In connection with this, I think many people have taken flight to what is "nostalgia", "retro" and "vintage". People collect items that were already present before they were born. In order to influence the future, we must be present and imagine it, and shape it as it wants it to look. Otherwise, someone else will do it.