What did SAMUEL BECKETT mean when he wrote. ”Fail better”?

Fail, ”better”?

If I have failed, I can then do the ”failure”, better?

He does not really mean that: ”- Fails. Try to succeed instead? ”

To strive, ”grit” is not it work to NOT fail?

What could Samuel Beckett mean by ”Failing Better”?

Having read Victor Bockris’s biography of Andy Warhol, I believe that Andy Warhol’s view of art, which is an interpretation and development of MARCEL DUCHAMP’s view of art and what art can be, can serve as a guide to what Samuel BeckettMay have meant.

Andy Warhol invested, both time, money and energy, just: ”Fails better”.

When he advised Jean-Michael Basquiat (I think it was for him):

About: ”Do not read the reviews about your art. Weigh them. ”

Andy Warhol was certainly interested in what others thought about his art, but he did not let it affect neither the artwork nor his creation process.

Why not?

Well, then he would become a ”follower”, instead of a ”leader” and ”pioneer”.

”Fail better” could be translated (my interpretation) to: ”Do your own thing and do not snail on others” or ”Run your own race.”Believe in yourself, even if no one else does. ”

What you really are looking for with your creation, ”fail” if you think someone else is in the ”right answer”, ”the right solution”, or have a ”facit” or a ”recipe” to ”succeed ”.

Are you really interested in art and creating, so spend, waste you no time trying to guess what the ”audience” or ”critique” wants.

If you give them what they say they want, they will soon forget what you’ve accomplished.

When you find the ”thread” logically following your ”failures” by ”failing better”, you will soon find what you are looking for.

Of course, nobody else understands it!

In that case, you have only ”succeeded” or, rather, failed, with something that someone else before you has already produced.

So, if you take the game or game seriously, you dare to invest, not just following the rules, but also finding new interpretations of them.