William S. Burroughs citat som utgångspunkt:
”I’ve always said that one of the functions of art, or of any creative thought, is to make people aware of what they know and don’t know that they know.”(Sidan 223)
The year of 2016: The Earth is already overpopulated. This catastrophical situation divides Homo sapiens into two contractors: The Neoidealistes and The Neoluddistes.
The Neoidealistes have a tradition back to the Rationalism and the Enlightenment movement in Europe, from the 17th century and forwards, with the idealistic ideas from Isaac Newton och Albert Einstein. Their cocept of Time is linear, from the geocentrical worldview to the serious intention to ”go outspece” in a wish to find another, better world.
The Neoluddistes are dreaming back to a romantic nostalgia,: ”the Before”; A preindustrial society, with ideas of a better life, at the countryside, close to the nature, the homestead and how it was before. No machines, computers, digatalization or automatation.
The last way to fight their enemies, the Neoluddistes are using the atomic bomb, bigger and more intense as ever. The other threat is the climate change, with tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes and the disappearence of species. The Neoluddistes concept of Time is circucular.
Now the Neoidealists are realized man’s real mission on the planet Tellus, Charles Darwin’s prediction about our own art: Human Beings, or Homo sapiens sapiens:
The Andhrybes, are a synthetical och artificial form of being, constructed by Man, which makes the art of Homo necessary in the evolutionary developement, from the view of Charles Darwin…
”Spekulativ Realism” i den betydelsen att det är ett försök till gestaltning, i fiktionens form, ramar och begränsningar, för att, förhoppningsvis, finna andra, nya och annorlunda vyer, vinklingar, perspektiv och frågeställningar, i det som annars i vår egen samtid, åren 2015 – 2017, kan upplevas som självklart, vardagligt och till och med tråkigt eller intetsägande.
Hässelby, Stockholm. Sweden.